Whatever your challenge, our Physician Care Guides serve as your personal health navigator.


Chronic Illness

Persistent illness that lasts longer than six months

Advanced Illness

Illnesses involving a serious decline in health


Discomfort or suffering caused by illness or injury


Using medication in a way other than prescribed.


Overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being

Physician Care Guides are not only your navigators, they are also your advocates.

Did you know your values and goals don’t always determine the health care you receive in our current health care system? You may not fully understand your options, or you may not be aware of alternatives. Our Care Guides help ensure that the health care you want is the health care you actually get.


fig Physicians

Our Care Guides don’t practice medicine, we provide decision support.

fig Experience

Our Care Guides have broad and deep experience across health care.

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Get quick and direct access to our Care Guides without middlemen.

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We’re more than health experts. Many of our Care Guides have been patients too.

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Our Care Guide process ensures your values and goals drive your care decisions.

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Engage our Care Guides from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

Get immediate access to our national network of experienced Physician Care Guides.


David L. Brown, M.D.

Founder & Care Guide Coordinator

I practiced anesthesiology and chronic and cancer pain medicine throughout my medical career, including leading anethesiology departments at the Cleveland Clinic, UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Iowa, Virginia Mason Medical Center, as well as serving as professor at the Mayo Clinic.

Hayward, WI

Virtual consultations

Speak to a Care Guide wherever you are – on your laptop or mobile device.


Schedule a Care Guide consultation at your own convenience and on your own time table.


Group Conferencing

Invite your friends, family, or other stakeholders to participate in your Care Guide consultations.